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What do workers’ compensation benefits cover?

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Getting hurt on the job can be frightening when you do not know what to do and are uncertain about your future. How will you provide for your family? What if you are never able to fully recover?

The purpose of workers’ compensation benefits is to address these concerns. You can file a claim when you suffer a work-related injury to receive financial compensation for certain costs, as well as helpful services to secure financial stability. Workers’ compensation benefits fall under the following three categories.

1. Medical care

Your top priority is receiving medical care for your injury. Go to all doctor appointments, and follow your treatment plan. Workers’ compensation reimburses you for all relevant health care expenses, including the following:

  • Travel to and from visits to the doctor
  • Medication
  • Psychological and chiropractic treatments
  • Nursing services in cases of permanent disability
  • Medical devices
  • Medical reports

Do not let the cost of treatment prevent you from seeking the help you need, as benefits will pay for it. Putting your health first improves your recovery and strengthen your case.

2. Loss of wages

While receiving treatment and recovering from your illness or injury, you likely cannot work. Even if you do work, you may have to work fewer hours or maybe perform a different task than you normally do. Whatever the circumstances, if your income decreases, workers’ compensation covers the wages you lose during this time. You must have three days of lost work from the date of injury before these benefits kick in.

3. Vocational rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation means finding you a job similar in type and/or pay to the one you previously had if you cannot return to your old position. It can include counseling and skills training.

If you have been injured and need legal guidance from an attorney who will protect your interests, do not hesitate to reach out to a knowledgeable and experienced professional.

The workers’ compensation system was designed to provide insurance benefits for work-related injuries or illness. Work-related injuries may occur suddenly or over time. An employee hurt on the job usually faces uncertainty and confusion with the workers’ compensation system.

The employer is responsible making a timely report to its insurance company. if the insurance company approves the claim, the following benefits are available to the injured employee:

  • Wage loss benefits related to the loss of income (two-thirds of lost wages)
  • Medical care related to the injury or illness, as long as the medical care is reasonable and necessary
  • Disability payment for permanent impairments
  • Dependency benefits in cases of work-related deaths
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits if unable to return to the job/employer at the time of the injury
  • Out-of-pocket expenses and mileage related to obtaining medical treatment or vocational services

If the insurance company denies the claim, the employee has a right to file a claim to challenge the denial. Even in admitted claims, disputes may arise over ongoing wage loss benefits or authorization for medical treatment.

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