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A Rochester, MN Truck Accident Can Cause Serious Injury

Commercial trucks are a common sight on Interstate 90, Highway 52, Highway 63, Highway 14 and other Southeast Minnesota highways. A fully loaded semitruck weighs up to 40 tons, dwarfing other vehicles on the road. Commercial truck drivers are held to high standards, and rightfully so. The disparity in size between trucks and other vehicles means that when a collision occurs, it will often result in profound damage and injury to the vehicle and its occupants.

If you or a loved has been in a collision involving a commercial truck, the caliber of your legal counsel makes a serious difference in the legal outcome. Call Klampe Law Firm LLC. Based in Rochester, our personal injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for people across Minnesota and beyond.

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Tenacious Litigators Prepared to Take Action Against the Insurance Companies

Federal laws require most commercial trucks to carry substantial liability insurance coverage. This benefits people harmed by a commercial truck driver’s negligence, as they will have a better opportunity to recover damages for their medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages.

These high policy limits also ensure that the commercial vehicle insurance companies will go to great lengths to investigate the case and injured people and try to deny or minimize their responsibility. As your attorney we conduct a timely and comprehensive investigation to identify the truck driver and/or trucking company and negligence. We have the skill and commitment to build the case and show how this event has impacted your life, both now and in the future.

At Klampe Law Firm LLC, we are skilled in all phases of litigation and know how to build a strong personal injury case. Most of our cases settle out of court and that happens only after the insurers acknowledge that we have proved the full value of your case through careful, vigorous preparation. Our attorneys have been instrumental in helping families across the region get the financial resources they need following a catastrophic commercial vehicle accident.

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