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What are consequential injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Workers Compensation |

Workers’ compensation will pay you benefits for injuries you suffer on the job. But what happens when you have an injury that results from an injury you got at work?

These consequential injuries may also fall under a covered claim for workers’ compensation. However, getting benefits for them is not always an easy task.


It may be confusing how one injury could lead to another. A consequential injury might include something like arthritis that sets into an injury site or infection after surgery to fix an injury. The Department of Labor explains a consequential injury is a consequence of the original issue because if you did not have that first injury, you would not have the second one.


When you want to submit a workers’ compensation claim for a consequential injury, you will need to show that it has a direct link to the original injury. Usually, with your original injury, proving it is work-related and covered under benefits is not too difficult. A secondary injury, though, is tricky because you will have to provide medical evidence to prove your claim.


The process of collecting benefits for a consequential injury is the same as for a primary injury. You must report it to your employer and file a claim. But you should expect the process to take a bit longer. You may even have to go to court. Still, if you are suffering because of issues stemming from your original work injury, you deserve to seek compensation.

Consequential injuries have coverage under workers’ compensation. While they may not be as easy to claim, it is your right to seek benefits for them.

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