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Injuries impact more than your body; an accident creates emotional and mental suffering and financial strain for entire families. We will take the time to understand the impact your injuries have on all parts of your life. With this insight, we are able to better show the insurance company how the injuries have changed your life. We frequently travel to our clients when they are unable to come to us.

Call 507-405-2188 to schedule your no obligation consultation. We take all injury cases on a contingency fee basis – no fee until there is a recovery. There is never any charge to talk to us at any point in your case.

Based in Rochester, Klampe Law Firm LLC is proud to be Southern Minnesota’s injury law firm. Since our founding in 1972, we have recovered millions of dollars for people who have suffered injuries due to another’s negligence or wrongdoing.

We know that in the aftermath of an accident, you may have many questions. View our FAQ section below to see some of the most common questions people have after an accident.

Taking on All Types of Rochester, MN Injury Claims

Our attorneys and staff are skilled at helping people involved in all types of injury and wrongful death claims, including:

We represent clients who have lost a family member in a fatal accident in wrongful death claims. We know how best to achieve compensation for your medical expenses, lost income and diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Insurance companies are not concerned with you; to them an injured person is a “claim” – just like a dented fender – their goal is to settle your claim for as little money as possible. Without an experienced personal injury attorney on your side, obtaining a fair settlement will be difficult. It is not a level playing field. At Klampe Law Firm LLC, we have extensive experience negotiating and settling injury claims on favorable terms for our clients. We invite you to review our results page to learn more about our successes on behalf of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury in Rochester, MN

Each personal injury client we represent is different, however those who have been injured often have similar questions. Here are some common questions we receive from people who have been in an accident.


Is it really necessary to hire a Rochester, MN personal injury attorney to receive fair compensation for my injuries?

Unfortunately, in today’s environment, Minnesota law can be very difficult to navigate. Because there are usually at least three different insurance companies involved, even with a “routine” claim, it is important that you seek an attorney early on to assure that you do not forfeit any claims you may have, including a claim against your own health insurance. Typically, insurance companies do not strive to pay fair settlements to unrepresented people, but will pay top dollar when the injured person and his or her lawyer demonstrate they have done what it takes to win in court. It costs the same to hire an attorney from the beginning as it does midway through the process. Retaining an attorney from the beginning ensures all evidence is gathered, and witnesses are identified before they are lost.


What if I do not want to go to court?

At Klampe Law Firm LLC, we leave that decision to you. It is often possible to resolve the claim with the insurance company without trying your case in a court of law. Most of our personal injury claims settle without going to court, or without even starting a lawsuit. However, they settle fairly only when the insurance company recognizes we are prepared to go to court if a fair settlement is not reached.


If I hire a lawyer and make a claim, will that become public?

No. Your injuries and treatment and insurance settlements are private information we do not disclose. Only if a lawsuit is filed in court is there a public record of the claim, and even then we do not seek publicity for the claim. We value your privacy and adhere to strict confidentiality.


What fees do you charge for an accident case?

We charge nothing unless you receive a recovery. Our standard contingency fee is one-third of the amount we recover for you. From the initial consultation through your final meeting, there is never a charge to speak to us.


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