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The role of a workers’ compensation attorney in the claim process

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Workers Compensation |

When you sustain a personal injury from your work duties, it stands to reason that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will ensure that you can afford medical treatment and receive coverage for lost wages. While it should be as simple as filing a claim and promptly receiving compensation, it is often more complicated than that.

Workers’ compensation claimants sometimes face resistance from their employers or the insurance company. By understanding the workers’ compensation process, including how an attorney can serve you, you can a achieve a quicker and more desirable outcome for your claim.

How can a workers’ compensation attorney assist with your claim?

Involving an attorney early on in the Minnesota workers’ compensation claim process ensures that you will take the right steps along the way. Your attorney can guide how best to approach each situation and help you understand the benefits due to you. An attorney can also represent you in discussions or negotiations with the insurance company, or even before a judge if necessary.

If the insurance company is paying your claim, do you need an attorney?

If the insurance company agrees to pay your workers’ compensation claim with minimal hassle, then it might seem like having an attorney is unnecessary. Keep in mind, though, that there are other complicated aspects to a workers’ compensation case and that the insurer might attempt to pay out less than you deserve. Consulting with a legal professional can ensure that you get the full amount that your claim is worth, even if your case never goes before a judge.

In a workers’ compensation case, it can easily feel like the insurance company is working against you. Having an attorney is a guarantee that someone is on your side and willing to advocate for your best interests at every turn.  At Klampe Law Firm, our worker’s compensation team will help you understand the workers’ compensation process and your rights.

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