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Your job, your eye injury and workers’ compensation benefits

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If you suffer an eye injury or eye disease related to your job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

How do eye injury or eye diseases occur and what kind of compensation can an injured worker expect?

About Eye Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 2,000 workers suffer eye injuries every day in our country. Eye injuries are especially prevalent in the manufacturing and construction industries. About one-third of these issues require emergency room care and 100 or more require time off from work. Eye injuries happen in a variety of ways:

  • Scraping or striking: Small particles or objects such as dust, slivers of metal or wood chips are either scattered by tools or blown by the wind, striking or scraping the eye. They can also fall on a worker from a height.
  • Burns: Welders are among the types of workers who frequently suffer eye injuries that develop because of thermal burns. Burns from the use of cleaning products or industrial chemicals are also common.
  • Penetration: If a staple, nail or other foreign object penetrates the eyeball, permanent loss of vision can result.

About eye diseases

Eye diseases are a different matter. They occur as the result of direct exposure to contaminants or by touching the eye with a contaminated finger. Many times, the result will be nothing worse than minor discomfort. However, serious diseases can also occur. In some instances, it may not be immediately apparent that your eye injury is work-related. A workers’ compensation attorney can help determine whether it is compensable.

The compensation to expect

You may have never filed a claim for workers’ compensation, and you might think that you can only expect to receive compensation for doctor’s visits. However, benefits also include coverage for loss of wages, prescription medicine and medical devices, and even reimbursement for the miles you travel for medical appointments and treatment. It is wise to work with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney to explore your legal options and ensure you get all the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve for an eye injury or eye disease.

Klampe Law Firm LLC welcomes the opportunity to help any injured worker obtain the workers’ compensation benefits he or she deserves. In some cases, it may make sense to file a personal injury lawsuit as well.