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The Dangers of Being A Pedestrian

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | Uncategorized |

With so much attention on car crashes, you may understandably worry about the risk of a collision. Driving is such an integral part of daily life that the likelihood of a crash is very real, and people are wise to learn and implement safety measures.

However, the group that also has reason to worry is pedestrians. Statistics from the Governors Highway Safety Administration show that pedestrian fatalities have increased each year since 2014 and make up 15 percent of total deaths from motor vehicle accidents. The CDC also notes that pedestrians have a greater chance than car passengers to die in an accident. Cars and seat belts offer some protection, whereas pedestrians are fully exposed to harm from vehicles.

Causes of Pedestrian Injuries

Some pedestrians are responsible for their own injuries due to factors such as intoxication or distraction. Other injuries are the fault of motorists who are drunk, speeding, distracted or otherwise breaking the law. Additional risk factors include the following:

  • Nighttime
  • Urban areas
  • Non-intersections

You can reduce your chances of injury by staying on the sidewalk, crossing safely only at intersections when possible and avoiding walking during dark. If nighttime travel is a must, use a flashlight and wear bright or reflective clothing. When no sidewalk is present, walk facing traffic along the shoulder.

Children are also at high risk of injury. Make sure your children know and follow pedestrian laws and have an adult accompany them whenever possible.