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What is an IME?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Workers Compensation |

If you suffer an injury on the job, your first concern is to get the medical treatment you need as soon as possible. Then, as you begin your journey to recovery, your biggest concern is getting the benefits you need, especially if you cannot work while you heal from a work-related injury.

When you have a workers’ compensation claim, it is common to come across the term  “IME.” You may wonder: what is this exactly?

Many employers and insurers require IMEs

Often, large companies and their insurers will require workers injured on the job to attend an independent medical examination (IME). Despite what the name implies, it is not a form of medical treatment.

The purpose of the IME is so the employer and the insurer can get a medical opinion regarding whether the injury is linked to your work or not. This helps them to determine the workers’ compensation benefits you receive.

What should you do before the IME?

Just the thought of attending an IME can be daunting, especially with the benefits you both need and deserve depending on the result. However, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself for the IME, such as:

  • Keep track of your medical history and the treatment you received so far for your injury.
  • Have a record of how your injury occurred, and ensure it matches the report to your employer.
  • Document all symptoms you have experienced after the injury.

The physician conducting the IME will likely have a list of questions to ask you. It is critical that you provide complete information.

If you suffered a serious work injury, it can be stressful to prepare for an IME. You should consider seeking guidance from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to ensure you protect your best interests and your rights.


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