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4 Fundamental Winter Motorcycling Tips

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Car Accidents |

When the temperature starts plunging, riding your motorcycle can seem daunting. The snow and ice may be intimidating even if you have a lot of motorcycling experience. If you decide not to tuck away your ride until spring, you do need to take some precautions when riding in the winter.

Read below for key winter riding tips to avoid a motorcycle collision.

Is it safe to ride today?

In some Minnesota winter conditions, it is simply too risky to be on a motorcycle. Ice and poor visibility that can be a nuisance in a car can be deadly on a motorcycle. Know the road conditions for your whole route and the forecast before deciding to ride.

Take it slow.

You need to take it especially easy in cold weather. Try your best to refrain from sudden acceleration, braking or turning. Keeping it slow and steady will help you learn how to navigate the inclement weather conditions and will make you an even better biker once spring comes around.

Check your tires.

Remember that colder weather will make your tires colder, which means less traction. When it is freezing, your tires will not heat up enough to give you adequate traction. This is why it is crucial to ride slower than usual. You should regularly check the quality of your tires and monitor your tire pressure, especially in winter.

Wear proper gear

Equipping yourself with layers is necessary to stay upright and attentive while riding in the cold. Make sure you have heavy-duty gear such as pants, boots, a jacket and gloves. You should also look into a balaclava or neck guard. As always, you should have a DOT-approved helmet. Not only will all this gear prevent severe injuries or road rash if you crash, but they will keep you warm and more comfortable.

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