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Reasons why insurance companies deny workers’ compensation claims

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Workers Compensation |

If you suffer a workplace injury, you may be out of work and dependent on workers’ compensation payments to meet your needs while you recover enough to be able to return to work. Thus, it can be devastating if the insurance company denies your claim. Here are some of the most common reasons insurance companies use to deny claims.

Filing errors or missed deadlines

Many people decide to handle their workers’ compensation claim on their own without hiring an attorney. Sometimes, this can cost them a successful claim.

Insurance companies have precise requirements on how you must fill out their forms, and an error can result in a rejection. Minnesota also has strict filing deadlines for workers’ compensation claims, and if someone misses those deadlines, the insurance company may deny their claim.

The shortest deadline you will face is the requirement to notify your employer of the injury. Failing to report the injury to your employer within a certain timeframe could hurt your chances of receiving the maximum benefits you would be entitled to. It is best to report your injury as soon as possible.

Non-work-related injuries

Workers’ compensation insurance only covers injuries that are the result of a workplace accident or condition. If the principal cause of the injury was something that happened to you outside of work, the insurance company is likely to claim that your injury doesn’t qualify.

Even if the injury does occur in your workplace, it still might not qualify if you suffered the injury because of non-work-related activities.

When you file your claim, it’s possible that the insurance company will attempt to find any reason they can use to claim that the accident was of a type that they are not required to cover. For example, they may look for any evidence that you were under the influence of alcohol, that you were fighting or that you were engaged in other non-work-related activities at the time of the injury.

When you need to depend upon workers’ compensation benefits, don’t risk a denial of your claim. If you have suffered an injury and need legal guidance from an attorney who will protect your interests, contact Klampe Law Firm LLC today.

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