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Settling early usually means settling for much less

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You have been seriously hurt, perhaps in a car collision or from a fall on someone else’s property. You already know that you are in store for some tough times, but you would rather not be surprised. So, you want to anticipate potential “bad news” now as well as your options for making a physical and financial recovery. Exactly what could you be in for? When should you try to settle?

Insurance Companies That Do Not Look Out for Your Best Interests

Do not count on your insurer or the at-fault party’s insurer to play fair. It is often easier to have a lawyer speak with them for you. If you were an insurer, why would you pay full value to a person who does not have a lawyer and is not ready to go to court over an unfair offer?

One or both companies may make an early settlement offer. That money may be enticing, especially when you are in desperate need of cash. Be aware, though, that it is probably a low, unfair sum and that, all things equal, you probably deserve a lot more. Insurers often make an initial low offer to tempt you to accept less than you deserve.

Cannot Get Back to Work

You may be stuck at home when you would like to get back to work. You may even feel pretty good, but the doctor has ordered you to stay home for a while longer.

It is hard to do nothing but follow the doctor’s orders. Your health should be better for it in the long run, and you may be able to pursue a personal injury case with better odds of getting more compensation if the other side sees that you did follow doctor’s orders.

A piece of good news: Under your own car insurance policy, your first $20,000 of medical bills are paid, and you should be able to receive some wage loss benefit and money for help around the home.

Struggles with Finances

Financial struggles can be overwhelming, even if you have health insurance. The medical bills are mounting, you cannot work, you are charging more to your credit cards, you may have to pay for childcare and other necessities. Yes, that initial insurance settlement offer may seem attractive, but if you wait until your injuries and long-term prognosis are better known, you will usually end up with a much higher money recovery.

If you have been injured and need legal guidance from an attorney who will protect your interests, contact us. There is no charge and no obligation to us when you call. We represent injured people on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay us if you win. It makes sense to get us involved early.