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How to report injuries to an employer

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Minnesota has made great strides in reducing the number of workplace-related injuries that occur every year. In fact, 2016 saw the lowest number of non-fatal workplace injuries since recording initially began in the 1970s. 

When you are injured at work, you only have so much time to report an injury to your employer. Delaying the report could put your benefits in jeopardy. You should keep in mind that your employer cannot fire you for reporting a work-related injury.

Provide a written report of what happened

Everything you tell your employer needs to be in writing. There are standard accident forms you can use, although your employer may have a form ready to go. Regardless of what documents you use, you need to include your name, contact information, and the time and date of the injury. You also want to include as many details about the injury as you can, such as where it occurred and what symptoms you experienced as a result. 

Ask your employer to fill out additional paperwork

Your employer should also fill out a Minnesota workers’ compensation first report of injury. The employer or insurer may be able to file this online through the state agency’s website. This form notifies the state agency of your work-related injury.

Avoid common mistakes

While you want to provide important details about the accident on the form, you do not want to provide more information than necessary. For example, you do not want to speculate about your diagnosis until you receive a full medical examination from a doctor. You would not want to say on the form you feel fine only to discover significant injuries later. However, you should report everything that did happen to you. Report all of the symptoms you experienced, no matter how small they seem. 

If you have been injured at work, you should ensure your rights are protected. An experienced attorney will evaluate your claim and ensure that your employer and its workers’ compensation insurer treat you fairly. Call Klampe Law Firm LLC for a free consultation.